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25 December 2009 @ 05:09 pm
Pimpin' a comm: Inuyasha_Lims  


Basically, inuyasha_lims is a comm that holds six rounds of competition based on prompt-based icon or banner creation for the Inuyasha fandom, with participants being eliminated at the end of each round. The idea is to complete all six rounds, beating out your competitors and reigning supreme. Plus the nice little e-prize is a neat bonus.

I've been watching this comm for a while now and I'm going to be giving it the "old college try". Drop on by, vote when you can, and enjoy the delicious thematic interpretations a la Inuyasha. If you happen to get me to the top, we can share a figurative glass of celebratory champagne!


EDIT: In case you're wondering: LIMS = Last Icon-Maker Standing