14 July 1983
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I consider myself to be: eccentric; intelligent; raunchy; introspective; trusting but not naive; pragmatic.

I'm often bored and can be found seeking new things to challenge me. I consider myself a "a jack-of-all-trades, master of none". Name something down to earth and I've either done it or will do it in the future.

I've built some bookshelves. I've baked cakes and cooked meals aplenty. I've biked a hundred kilometers in two weeks. I swam in an ocean, a lake, and a river. I've fished. I've cooked food over an open fire. I've eaten that food. I've written a novel's worth of fanfiction in three coherent stories. I've written even more fanfiction in seperate, non-coherent stories. I've drawn, painted and taken photographs, some of the pretty good, a lot of them not. I've walked along nature trails in different parts of the country. I sang in an international ensemble. I've danced on stage. I've acted. I've played basketball and volleyball. I've knitted. I've cross-stitched. I've sewn my own clothing. I've taken apart electronics - and put them back together. I've seen the Olympic torch run. I've seen local plays and dinner theatres. I'll eventually do and see many other things.